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Reach a dedicated audience where they listen the most! Podcast advertising is not only cost-effective but also delivers double the engagement compared to radio ads. With formats like host-read sponsorships, your message becomes more authentic and trusted, ensuring high listener retention and conversion rates. Tap into this growing media trend and let your brand's voice be heard in a uniquely engaging way

Female Podcaster reading a promotion on her podcast.
Male Podcaster playing an advertisement on his podcast

Podcast Advertising Facts:

     -In 2024 there will be an estimated 2.5 billion spent on podcast advertising

     -75% of podcast listeners in the US are receptive to sponsors messages

     -64% of podcast listeners pay full attention to sponsored ads 

     -95% of frequent podcast listeners have taken action after hearing an audio ad.

LGBTQ Advertising Facts:

     -The LGBTQ Community is estimated at 5% and their Buying power represents 9%

     -LGBTQ Consumers are 4x likely to buy from advertisers who advertise directly to them.

     -LGBTQ Consumers are 5x more likely to continue spending habits no matter economy.

     -95% of frequent podcast listeners have taken action after hearing an audio ad.

 46.5% of LGBT Community have children at home

 32% Support the Arts

29% Support Sports Franchises

34% Love to Camp, Hunt and Fish

37% Shop at Macy's and Nordstroms

42% Shop at Discount Stores

25% Make over $75,000 per year

12% Live below the poverty line

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