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Interns Summer:  2024

Intern Profile Alex.  Entertainment Afficionado.
Intern Profile Ben. Straight Ally.  Current Podcaster. Artist and Cartoonist.
Intern Profile Merry.  Student originally from England now residing in the US.
Intern Profile Tricia.  Straight Ally. Loves Travel and Women's Issues.

Alex: (He/They)

Alex is a self described punk, who loves movies, TV shows, video games, and music. In his spare time, he watches anime and cosplays. They are an anthropology student with a love of linguistics."

Ben:  (He/Him) Ally

Ben is an American illustrator, screenwriter, and podcaster. He created the YouTube and Spotify talk show "Retro Podcast." He played Charlie Chaplin in a talent show act in grade school and had another web show on YouTube called Lakeside.

From Columbus, Ohio  He hopes to learn how to produce and promote content.

Favorite hobbies are to travel, and screenwriting.

Merry: (Xey/They)

Merry is originally from the middle of the UK, and moved to the US in 2022 when they married their wife. Xey are exactly what you would expect someone who named xemself after a hobbit to be like.  They are hoping to learn some more about podcasting outside of the Audio Drama sphere, as well as get some experience working in the US.

When xey are not parenting xir six cats, they are playing video games and ttrpgs, reading and writing, making art, or maybe actually working on their college work.

Tricia: (She/Her) Ally

Tricia is from Las Vegas and excited about learning how to produce a podcasts. I am looking forward to Sony studios coming to Las Vegas. I love anything creative, including painting, gardening, art, movies and I am a huge foodie! I am also an animal lover.

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