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Where It All Began:

Podcast Producer and Host for Left of Str8 Podcasts, Scott Fullerton

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself

Harvey Fierstein

I've never met a gay person who regrets coming out. You're more at ease with your loved ones, your family and extended family, and your friends, and your employers, your employees. Everybody's happy, because they know where they are. It's out in the open – and honesty's the best policy

Sir Ian McKellen

My Story

The Left of Str8 Podcast Network was created by Scott Fullerton in July of 2015, one week after Marriage Equality was granted by the Supreme Court in the United States.  It started as a twice weekly entertainment and advocacy podcast featuring interviews about and for the LGBTQ Community and its Straight Allies. Scott is a strong LGBTQ Advocate, who served 3 years as the Chairman of his local NE Ohio Pride Center, and has hosted many events for the community around the country. 


The "Left of Str8 Show," Scott's first podcast and still the flagship show of the network, renamed "Left of Str8 Show Interviews," just celebrated it's 8 year anniversary last season by bringing back his first 2 original guests,  Kelly McCracken, part of the lawsuit that led to marriage equality and Ben Patrick Johnson an LGBTQ advocate as well as a television host and voiceover actor. In his eight years on the air and six seasons of hosting and producing his show, Scott feels extremely lucky to have had some amazing guests on his own show and has been truly honored to produce some amazing podcasts, from Astrology to Mental Health to Politics.

Scott and the network are always on the lookout for Podcast Hosts that are interested in creating or sharing their podcast on Left of Str8 Podcasts.  If you are interested in bringing your podcast to the network, or creating a new one, Email us or use the Contact Us page.

Podcast Hosts:

Scott Fullerton:  Youngstown, OH

 - Left of Str8 Show Interviews

 - 5 Questions With...

 - Standing on my Soapbox

 - Bears of a Certain Age

Jonny Shuffield:  Spokane, WA

 - Bears of a Certain Age

Joseph Federico:  New Jersey

 - Pride and Promotion Marketing

 - Rapid Fire Round Up

Chef Lynn Wheeler:  Florida

 - Rainbow Gastronomy

Nathan Box:  Seattle, WA

 - Bent Cinema

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