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New Website Overhaul for the Left of Str8 Podcasts

Left of Str8 Podcasts Logo
Left of Str8 Podcasts Logo

The Left of Str8 Podcasts Website has been redesigned as we complete our rebranding from Left of Str8 Radio to "Left of Str8 Podcasts." We hope you like this new website overhaul and find it a little more sleek and easy to navigate. We will be adding pages as needed and updating as often as possible, including our new Blog.

We are still working out some bugs, especially in the Mobile and Tablet version to make it easy to read across all platforms. Please drop us a note if you think we should add or change anything, we want to be responsive to our listeners and viewers and look forward to getting your feedback.

Be sure to check out our page on the new Big Gay Roadtrip 3: Driving Towards Equality; as we get ready to bring the networks shows from our home in NE Ohio to the INNdulge Resort in Palm Springs, California for a month's residency. We are currently raising funds for the trip with Sponsorships available and an Indiegogo Campaign. We will also be raising money for two Pride Centers along the way.

Left of Str8 Podcasts is your go-to network to find podcasts of interest to the LGBTQ+ Community and our Straight Ally's. From interviews with Celebrities and Personalities from Entertainment, Foodies, Books, Music and Advocacy. "Left of Str8 Show Interviews" has something for you. If you're interested in issue oriented chat, step on up and join us as we are "Standing on my Soapbox," to talk issues of the day including politics, religion, equaltiy, human rights, and more. Looking for marketing advice and talking with leaders and owners of LGBTQ+ businesses? Tune into the "Pride and Promotion Podcast." Twice a month our Special Correspondents offer up special bonus podcasts. Chef Lynn Wheeler is our Foodie Expert and offers tips, recipes, and culinary fun and his "Rainbow Gastronomy" podcasts are enjoyed by all. Nathan Box is a true Cinephile and knows his stuff when it comes to movies and entertainment. His "Bent Cinema Podcast," has interviews, movie reviews, film deep dives and more.

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