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Refund Policy

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Refund Policy - the basics

All Sales Are Final

As-Is Sale: All items purchased from Left of Str8 Podcasts, whether through the store or any portion of our website, are sold "as is" with no implicit warranties included.
Final Sales: Once a purchase is made, it is deemed final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges on any products unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Resolution Policy:
Customer's Responsibility: If a product defect or damage is due to customer mishandling or error, the customer is responsible for the cost of replacement.
Our Responsibility: If a defect or damage is due to an error on our part, Left of Str8 Podcasts will cover the full cost of replacement.
Shared Responsibility: In cases where the fault cannot clearly be attributed to either party, the cost of replacement will be shared equally between the customer and Left of Str8 Podcasts.
Contact and Claims: For any issues concerning your purchase, please contact our support team directly. Claims for replacements or disputes must be made within a reasonable timeframe from the date of purchase, typically within 30 days.
Note: This policy serves as a guideline to ensure fairness and responsibility in our transactions with customers. Our overarching principle is to "do the right thing" in all our interactions.

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