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Pride in Culinary Excellence: 5 LGBTQ Owned Restaurants in the US

By Intern Tricia D

The landscape of dining in the United States is as diverse as the communities that call it home. Among the plethora of restaurants spanning coast to coast, those owned and operated by LGBTQ+ individuals stand out not only for their culinary prowess but also for their commitment to inclusivity and representation. Drawing from Tasting Table's compilation of "30 Great LGBTQ+-Owned Restaurants To Visit In The US," let's delve into five establishments that exemplify excellence in both cuisine and advocacy.

DW Bistro: Located in Las Vegas, is a culinary mix of New Mexican and Jamaican flavors.  The owners are Bryce Krausman and Executive Chef Dalton Wilson. The restaurant has been a Las Vegas favorite for 14 years. They host drag brunches with live performers and also offer catering. This bright and beautiful ambiance with amazing unique flavors makes this restaurant  a must see  in the Las Vegas area. 

Proud Mary: Located in Portland, Oregon, Proud Mary is a brunch destination that delights patrons with its innovative dishes and welcoming ambiance. Owned by Nolan Hirte, this establishment has garnered acclaim for its commitment to sustainability and community engagement. Hirte's dedication to crafting exceptional dining experiences while championing LGBTQ+ visibility makes Proud Mary a must-visit for food enthusiasts and allies alike.

Barrio Queen: In Phoenix, Arizona, Barrio Queen stands as a beacon of Mexican culinary tradition and LGBTQ+ empowerment. Founded by Steven Rosenfield, this vibrant eatery offers a contemporary twist on classic Mexican dishes, earning accolades for its bold flavors and festive atmosphere. Rosenfield's passion for sharing his cultural heritage and fostering inclusivity makes Barrio Queen a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike.

Red Sauce: Nestled in San Francisco, California, Red Sauce pays homage to Italian-American cuisine with a modern flair. Owned by Cheryl Burr, this cozy neighborhood spot delights diners with its hearty pasta dishes and artisanal pizzas. Burr's culinary expertise and commitment to creating a welcoming space for all reflect the spirit of inclusivity that defines San Francisco's dining scene.

Union Cafe: Columbus, Ohio, is home to Union Cafe, a beloved gathering place known for its lively atmosphere and eclectic menu. Owned by Chris Corso and Mike Hennie, this restaurant and bar combo offers a diverse array of dishes ranging from hearty burgers to fresh salads. Corso and Hennie's dedication to fostering a sense of community and celebration has made Union Cafe a cherished destination for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies alike.

Henrietta Red: In Nashville, Tennessee, Henrietta Red captivates diners with its elegant seafood-centric menu and chic ambiance. Owned by Julia Sullivan and Allie Poindexter, this award-winning restaurant showcases the bounty of the Gulf Coast with dishes that highlight seasonal ingredients and expert culinary techniques. Sullivan and Poindexter's vision for Henrietta Red as a space where hospitality and inclusivity converge has solidified its status as a culinary gem in Music City.

In conclusion, LGBTQ+-owned restaurants across the US not only offer exceptional dining experiences but also serve as symbols of resilience, diversity, and community. From Portland to Nashville, these establishments celebrate culinary excellence while advocating for LGBTQ+ visibility and inclusivity. As patrons, we have the opportunity to support these businesses and contribute to a more inclusive and vibrant dining landscape. By highlighting the achievements of establishments like Proud Mary, Barrio Queen, Red Sauce, Union Cafe, and Henrietta Red, we honor the contributions of LGBTQ+ individuals to the culinary world and beyond.


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