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The Road to Palm Springs Big Gay Roadtrip
Big Gay Roadtrip 3 Logo with LGBTQ Centers
Big Gay Roadtrip 3 Promo with LGBTQ Centers and Marketing Partners
INNdulge Resort in Palm Springs, CA

The Big Gay Roadtrip 3:

            Driving Towards Equality

          I am so excited to be bringing the Left of Str8 Podcast Network back to the beautiful and welcoming INNdulge Resort in fabulous Palm Springs, California.  We will be doing a month's residency at the Resort thanks to our wonderful hosts, Jon and Sandy.  This year it is more important than ever to make our community seen and heard, so this is not just a roadtrip but a journey towards fostering love, acceptance, and visibility for the LGBTQ community.  I will be leaving NE Ohio on this 2500 mile each way roadtrip on July 3rd and will be stopping in Chicago, Omaha, Denver, and Las Vegas, before arriving at the Resort on July 9 and staying thru August 9th.

Here's where the magic happens: The Left of Str8 Podcast Network will be broadcasting LIVE podcasts directly from the road and the sunny decks of the INNdulge Resort and around Palm Springs.  Imagine stories of hope, laughter, and advocacy echoing down the highways and byways, spreading positivity and unity across the miles.  There will be Celebrities and Personalities doing LIVE interviews both on the road and from Palm Springs.

LGBTQ Pride Centers We Are Raising Money For

This year, to help foster those love and unity goals we are striving for, we will be raising money for 2 local Pride Centers; the Bayard Rusting LGBTQ+ Resource Center in Akron, OH and The LGBTQ+ Center of the Desert in Palm Springs.  

We will be offering sponsorships and fundraising to cover trip expenses and give a donation to each Center.  There will be a Kickoff Event in each City with Silent Auctions, 50/50 Raffles and donations buckets as well as Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsorships available.

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